Panhead Port Road Pilsner Clone

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Our Interpretation of a world famous beer using all NZ Hops.  All ingredients you will need are included in this recipe kit.  Malted Grain, Hops, Yeast. (Malt Extract for Extract Option).

Edit:  We have had a couple of comments from customers that they would like the hop schedule bumped up a little for their taste so the recipe has been adjusted slightly.

Size: 23 Litres  (1/2 Batch option is half quantities quoted below).

Malts - Milled in one bag ready for you to mash in!

4.5 Kg - Gladfield Pilsner Malt  (All Grain Option)

250g - Weyermann Carahell Malt

100g - Gladfield Sour Grapes Malt

or for the Extract with Partial Mash option:

Liquid Malt Extract

250g - Weyermann Carahell Malt (Steep)


Hops are all pre-measured for each addition and vac packed in foil bags to make your brew day easier.

20g - NZ Motueka Pellet @ 6.3% AA for 60 minutes boil

10g - NZ Motueka Pallet @ 6.3% AA for 10 minutes boil

20g - NZ Nelson Sauvin Pallet @ 11.1% AA for 10 minute boil

30g - NZ Riwaka Pallet @ 4.8% AA for 10 minute boil

20g - NZ Motueka Pallet @ 6.3% AA at Flame Out

30g - NZ Nelson Sauvin @ 11.1% AA at Flame Out

30g - NZ Riwaka Pallet @ 4.8% AA at Flame Out

40g - NZ Riwaka Pallet @ 4.8% AA Dry Hop @ 7 days

Yeast: S04 or 2 Packs of Saflager W-34/70 for Temperature Controlled Fermentations.  When using W-34/70 two packs are required (See recommended dosage for this yeast)