Inaugural G2G homebrew competition

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The inaugural Grain2Glass homebrew competition 

What you need to know.

  • All beers will be judged to style so make sure you check the BJCP style guide and select the correct style for your entry.
  • Price is per entry (this all goes towards the prize pool and any shipping costs should we need to ship beers to judges)
  • Beers will be judged to style by various friends of the G2G crew.  This team of highly skilled individuals all  have a history of brewing great beers in the commercial capacity and also some friends of ours from SOBA. Announcements of who the judges are will appear on the Grain2Glass Facebook page.
  • Upon entry we will send you an email about your entry number, and where to send your brews.

What you really want to know?.....The prizes!

  • Because we have no real way to predict the amount of entries it's hard to attach a specific prize, so it's a winner takes all style competition. 
  • The winner will get a shop credit it could be alot it could be a little after all it's the unknowns that make competitions fun right?
  • Your beer whatever it may be, will be a featured recipe kit on the website.
  • We will send you copies of the feedback/ score sheets from your entries.
  • Entries need to be sent or delivered to G2G hq by August 20th 

Good luck everyone and may the best beer win!